What is Quandomania?

Quandomania coaching staff is headlined by Quan Nguyen, whose influence in New Jersey and surrounding states has spread to all aspects of volleyball: from developing players to experienced professionals, both indoor and in the sand.

Quandomania Volleyball Club offers top-tier instruction for players at all levels of training. Our coaches are dedicated to collaborating with parents and athletes in order to provide the best opportunity for each players’ growth and development.

Quandomania was a nickname given to Quan during his high school tennis days, referring to the show that is “wrestlemania”.  Quan would put on a “show” as he would often beat his opponents 6-0, 6-0.  Thus, his coach called him Quandomania!  Fast forward to summer 2010.  Quan and Brian Nop restarted “The Player’s Edge” beach training program.  They coached a group of about 10 players with names like Eric Zaun, Chris Vaughan, Kyle Pottieger, John Cunningham, and Fran Bolletino.  They loved the training so much that they wanted Quan to coach them indoor as well.  We just needed a name.  And Quandomania was born.  To say that this team was a success is an understatement.  Two of the players went on to be professional beach volleyball players and the rest are still a force to be recon with in the volleyball community.

Since that first year team, Quandomania grew in popularity, and grew larger every year.  We went from one team to two, to four, to six, and to nine teams .  Each year our players went on to play at the NCAA Division I, II, and III levels at indoor and beach volleyball.  We’ve produced players that have won major championships, which include but not limited to, the NCAAs, the NVL, GAV beach volleyball, the Pottstown Rumble, the Susquehanna Smash, and the Big Shot-Atlantic City.  We own titles to some of the country’s most coveted events!  But Quandomania is not just about making great players, we also produce great coaches.  See Our Coaches page for more info!

We produce players that will play their whole life.  Come check us out and see what the hype is all about!

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