Check out what people have to say about Quandomania Volleyball Club:

Eric Zaun                                                          

I started playing volleyball for the Cherry Hill East High school indoor team when I was 14 years old. I was an average player during my freshman and sophomore years, just trying to learn the game and increase my playing time.

I met Quan during the summer after my sophomore year and started training with Quandomania. We made tremendous progress in my game during the summer. I continued to train with Quandomania throughout the fall/winter leading into my junior season. During my junior season, I set almost every single school record, made All State, was the South Jersey Player of the Year, and our team went undefeated in South Jersey. There were multiple stories in the Courier Post and Philadelphia Inquirer about the massive improvements that I made in just one year. This wasn’t just some coincidence, it was a direct result of my training with Quandomania.

Things were going great, but Quandomania and I weren’t satisfied. We hit the next off season even harder. Quan created the “Players Edge” sand training program, and I spent my entire summer training on the sand with Quandomania.

Following the summer training, Quan started an indoor club for us. We had 7 kids on the team. Quan brought in some of the best adult players in the area to help coach and scrimmage against us. We could literally call Quan for a private session at any time and he would set it up, no questions asked. He said that he would put in as much work as we would. We were all putting in a ton of work and so was he. We ended up winning a crazy number of tournaments throughout the Northeast, and we became the number one ranked club team in New Jersey. The 7 kids from that team are still some of my best friends, and many of us are now coaches for Quandomania. We became a family.

My game rose to an entirely new level after our only club season with Quan. I went on to break all of my old records and received a full scholarship to play Division I indoor volleyball. Most of our team went on to play in college, and many of us went on to be college All Americans, Conference Scholar Athletes of the Year, All-Conference, etc.

The summer after my freshman year of college is when I got serious about beach volleyball. I had graduated from the Player’s Edge program and was one of the coaches, but my training with Quandomania was far from over. I told Quan that I wanted him to help take my beach game to a new level, and as usual he was in. Anytime I needed him for practice, he was there. I could text him on Monday night and ask him if he was in for a 7 am practice on Tuesday morning and it wouldn’t be a problem.

Quan would bring in guys like Mat Ogin and Todd Strassberger for me to play against. Mat and Todd were playing professionally at the time, while I was 19 years old and not even close to their level. Mat and Todd weren’t really getting anything out of playing against a lower level player like me, but they didn’t care. They just wanted to help me out because I was a part of the Quandomania family.

I trained with Quan on the beach during the summers between my college indoor seasons. After graduating college, I decided that I wanted to pursue beach volleyball as a career. The season following my graduation, I became the youngest player to ever win a National Volleyball League Professional Tour Championship. I’ve won multiple awards on the tour including “Rookie of the Year,” “Breakthrough Athlete,” and “Best Defender.” I am currently the number one ranked player in the nation by USA Volleyball for all players under 24. I couldn’t have done any of this without Quandomania.

I would do the same things that Quan, Mat, and Todd did to help me for the Quandomania kids now. If Ashley McGinn (currently playing beach volleyball at Georgia State) asked me to help her with anything, I would, because she is a member of the Quandomania family. The same goes for any other kids playing Quandomania that are putting the time in and willing to work hard for their goals.

Quandomania truly is a family and has been a big part of my life. I grew up with Quandomania, many of my best friends are part of Quandomania, I went to Vietnam with Quandomania, etc. There are so many Quandomania players (Professional and D1 indoor) that helped me and other young players, including Chris Vaughan, move up the volleyball ranks. Now Chris and I are playing professionally and we love helping develop the younger generation of Quandomania players. And now we get to watch them fall in love with the game of volleyball, just like we did, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I am forever grateful to Quandomania, and I truly appreciate all the people in the organization who helped me to pursue my goals. I couldn’t possibly recommend Quandomania any more highly to any volleyball players who want to take their game to the next level. If you are serious about improving your game, the smartest decision you can make is to be part of the Players Edge Training program.

See you on the beach.

Chris Vaughan a.k.a. “Tony Bronzer”                quandosuccess-9

Here’s one more for Testimonial Tuesday! Quandomania Players Edge has truly changed my life!

If you are anywhere near the south jersey area and are looking to improve as a volleyball player, Quandomania Player’s Edge is where you need to be this summer. This is easily the highest level of coaching any volleyball player can receive in the area, from beginner to expert level. Quan himself has coached many players all the way up to becoming open players and even professional. I still go back to him throughout the summer to touch up on skills. Players edge not only teaches the skills required to be a top player, but more importantly how to have fun while doing it.

I began training with Quan at players edge my sophomore year of high school. This camp truly changed the sport for me. I found myself improving more and more every practice. Not only was Quan teaching me how to improve, but he was bringing in local professionals for me to play against/with. These individuals showed us how the sport should be played and even acted as great role models for anyone that wanted to listen. I find many of them to be great friends today and I have even received a job offer because of these connections. Now, thanks to this camp I find myself a professional beach volleyball player on the NVL tour, and I even received the award of Rookie of the year last season.

There is an entirely different aspect to Quandomania besides the volleyball that many don’t realize. Quan does a great job pushing his players to grow as individuals. If it wasn’t for Quan I probably still would have never eaten sea food, or learned how to lead a sport oriented yoga session. But I personally believe that the most important thing that Quan teaches is that you get out what you put in. If you want to work extra hard and stay after practice or meet up early, he is always willing and eager to help. This is truly when I learned that hard work really does pay off.

If you are a volleyball player in the South Jersey area you need to find a way to make it to Players Edge this summer! You will not regret it!

Collin Sibilia                                                              quandosuccess-10

Over the seven years I have been involved with Quandomania, the club has done more for me than just turned me into a talented volleyball player. I began with Quando going into my senior year of high school, participating in the Summer Player’s Edge program. Following that, I played for the club team my senior year, and that was where I learned the true greatness of Quandomania. Everyone on that team had one goal, and that was to be the best, and some wanted to play in college as well. With Quan’s devotion to our team, by the end of the club season Division I and Division III programs throughout the country were recruiting me. Our practices ended at 11pm, but Quan was always willing to stay even later with us just to help us perfect a certain skill. I can honestly say that without Quan I would not have enjoyed the experience of being recruited to play in College and becoming one of the top players in South Jersey my Senior year.
I decided not to play volleyball in College and instead I played soccer. However, I still stayed involved with volleyball through Quandomania and though I never became a top volleyball player, my skill has continued to grow every year. Even with playing Division III soccer, over the summer months I have grown to reach Pottstwon Men’s AA 5th place, a GAV AA Winner, all the way to making it to Sunday at the Susquehanna Smash in Men’s Open. Thanks to Quan’s teaching and constant training that he is willing to provide, I have made amazing strides in playing doubles volleyball, even though I never played volleyball in College.
The biggest way that Quandomania and Quan have affected my life was by showing me what I want to do for the rest of my life. Quan always says, “You gotta put the time in,” and because of that, I have worked my way up through the ranks of Quandomania Coaching staff, and have also just finished my third straight year of coaching at the Collegiate level. During my senior year in high school, Quan would always ask the boys on the club team to come and help with the new girls team that was established. Though all of us were in the middle of our high school season, I still showed up at every practice twice a week to help out. Quan saw this and gave me a coaching job with the Player’s Edge summer program going into my freshman year of College. Six years later, I am now the Director of the Player’s Edge program, Co-Director of Quandomania, former Student Assistant coach at Misericordia University for the Women’s Volleyball program, and current Assistant coach at the University of Sciences for the Women’s Volleyball program. Following my achievement of a Masters degree next year, I will be applying for Coaching positions around the country, to pursue my goal of coaching at a Collegiate program while also being an adjunct History professor.
Quan and the Quandomania family gave me the opportunity to realize what I want to do for the rest of my life, that is to teach others the skills of volleyball. I have met and coached so many young men and women in the South Jersey area over my six years of coaching with Quandomania that I can honestly say Quandomania is my second family. Quandomania is truly a family, whether it be the players you coach coming to support you when your playing competitively, a former player’s parents coming to watch your current club team play in a tournament, catching up with old time teammates whenever you can, or playing golf with your Quandomania friends to let off some steam. The people in Quandomania are not just players, parents, or random faces, they are friends that I depend on and consider my support group. In addition to me becoming a better volleyball player, and me realizing what I want to do for my career, thanks to Quandomania, I have formed life-long relationships with people who seven years ago I never thought I would have met. At Quandomania there are always people here for you, who would do anything for you, and support you whether it be with playing volleyball, or something unrelated to volleyball. We are a family here, and I am grateful for Quan and all the other Quandomania alums that welcomed me into their family, because I have companions that will be friends of mine for the rest of my life.

Nina Camaioni                                                   

I have known Quan for over 10 years. He has been one of the best coaches I’ve ever had in my volleyball career – throughout high school, Division 1 college program, and beyond. I was one of six girls that participated in the first-ever Player’s Edge Beach Volleyball Training program in the summer of 2005, the summer heading into my junior year of high school. I honestly believe this made all the difference in my level of play. As a sophomore I was recognized by awards in the South Jersey area, but by the end of my junior season, I was named NJ Player of the Year, the New Jersey Gatorade Player of the Year and First-Team All-State. The point I’m making is that the summer working with Quan transformed my game, allowed me to excel in all aspects of the technical and mental game, and built my self-confidence on and off the court. Through the years, when I would come home from college, I would continue to train (and hang out) with Quan on the beach and at some of his indoor tournaments. He always made time to work out with me and train. It was always a welcome change of pace to the overly-rigorous mentality of division 1 volleyball. Playing and training with Quan, especially on the beach, was a welcome break from the stress of expectations and performance, reminded me why I loved volleyball and kept the game fun for me. This followed me well into my volleyball years post-college, as I found volleyball more enjoyable then ever before, whereas a lot of people I know who played in a D1 program usually didn’t touch a ball for years after the season ended. It was great having a volleyball community to come home to.
It was pretty cool to see that as time passed and we kept training and playing together, the coaching mentorship transformed into a genuine friendship. I owe a lot to Quan besides my volleyball success, including Vietnamese food, shark-fishing, late nights on the beach, his sponsorship of my musical career, and most importantly, introducing me to a community of volleyball-lovers who are really cool people.  That’s the greatest thing about Quandomania (besides the volleyball expertise and wisdom) – you become part of family. Quandomania isn’t just about volleyball – it’s about good life experiences, being a good person and being with good people who really care about you and have your back. I have met so many really cool people and made so many good memories through Quan and the Quando community. He truly has a gift for bringing people together. As far as character is concerned – Quan is one of the most generous and loyal persons I know. He will never let you down. That is something I truly admire about my friend. Even though life has taken me to other places nowadays, I know I am always a part of Quandomania and it’s always a part of me.

Meghan Gallagher                                                 

I became a member of Quandomania when I was fourteen years old. I am currently twenty years old. Looking back on my club volleyball years, they were the best years of my life. Not only did I become a great volleyball player, I became a great teammate, and person. Quandomania provides you with skills that you will use for the rest of your life. Most importantly, Quandomania shows you how to have fun, while playing the sport you love. This club surrounds you with positive, encouraging energy. I would have never accomplished anything without Quan. He showed me how to play with heart. Quandomania gave me the qualities of a Captain. I was a Captain for my high school team, Paul VI high school, and Captain of my college team, Rutgers Univeristy – Camden. I thank Quan for all of my accomplishments in my volleyball career. Thank you for making volleyball my passion #quandomania#Quando4life

Ashley McGinn                                                         quandomania players edge 2

I joined the Quandomania family my freshman year of high school and I was welcomed with opened arms. Before I had joined Quandomania, I thought I wanted to play basketball for the rest of my life. My plan was to do one season then go back to AAU basketball. However, after one season I not only fell in love with the sport but also the people! Quan and the other coaches made practice so enjoyable, and always pushed us to become better in a fun and exciting way. On top of that, they are so willing to work with you. Quan taught us that you get out of things what you put in. The harder you worked, the harder he would work for you. He and the other coaches are always willing to do more to help you when they see how hard you’re willing to work. Through my time with Quando, I received so much experience, life lessons, and connections and I love the impact it had on my life, and still does have. I now get to play Division I Beach Volleyball for a top ten school in the nation thanks to Quando, and I’m so happy I crossed paths with the Quandomania family 5 years ago.

Cassandra Moy                              

I started playing volleyball late in my career when I was a freshman in high school. I never played club until my sophomore year when I came to one of Quan’s clinics and since then my life has completely changed. Quan took me under his wing and showed me the potential I didn’t even know I had. I continued my high school career playing club for Quandomania and it was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me. Between individual training and club practices, I became a player with an endless ceiling. When I started looking at colleges, I never considered playing volleyball but at the time, Quan was the head coach for my top academic choice, University of the Sciences. He recruited me for the Division II school and choosing to continue my volleyball career in college was one of the best choices I have ever made. I am currently a Junior and I am the starting setter for the team. I’ve never set before this season and at this point I’ve literally played almost every position in the book (besides middle because I’m only 5’4″ 😂). I owe my entire volleyball career to Quan. Thank you Quan, for every opportunity you’ve given me.

Simrang Sangu                             

Playing collegiate volleyball was something that I did not see myself doing in college. Looking back at it now as a senior finishing up my last season, I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made – all thanks to Quan. Coming into college, I had no prior volleyball experience. Sure, I had played it for fun here and there but I had never played competitive volleyball in my life. This all changed my freshman year of college at University of the Sciences. I had been encouraged to try out by a senior on the team, Amanda DeAngelo. Quan, the coach at the time, was very supportive of my decision of learning how to play volleyball. Not only did he let me on the team but also he also personally worked with me on his own time. He would work out with me before practice, after practice, and on the weekends if possible. Before I knew it, I could actually make good contact while hitting the ball, get a good pass, and understand the game. It was the best feeling in the world to be able to learn a whole new sport and actually start to see myself succeed. Although Quan is not the current coach at University of the Sciences, I am the player that I am today because of him. If it were not for his dedication to mold me into a good volleyball player, I would never had found success in collegiate volleyball.

Ryan Miller                                                   

When I first started playing volleyball my freshman year of high school, I was just one of those typical mindless freshman running around the court doing whatever I could to not let the ball touch the ground without taking out a teammate or two in the process. In the summer of my sophomore year, my high school coach convinced me to join the Quandomania players edge program. After a summer of endless training, I came back to school my junior year to surprise my coaches by how much I had improved my game. I ended up having the best year of my high school career by far, while collecting multiple awards along the way. I was also placed on the American Volleyball Coaches Association college watch list for my senior year. I can proudly say none of this would have been accomplished without the help of Quan. While joining his club team I was guided and coached by some of the top elite
volleyball players in the country. The coaches ensure you pushed yourself to the limit to not only better yourself as a player, but most importantly, while having a blast and loving the game of volleyball. Throughout my two years of attending the players edge program, I have made many life long friends while also finding my beach partner. As much as the coaches have helped me strive as a player, nothing compared to the time and commitment Quan gave to me and each and every one of his players. I can truly say I’ve never been coached by a person who’s always willing to give up their free time every day of the week to individually train you at any time of the day that accommodates you. While making me into the player I am today, Quan has also taught me how to be a young man and act with respectable character. Thanks to Quan, his coaches and the players edge program, I have been given the
opportunity to play volleyball at the colligate level next year at Misericordia University.

Mary and Bruce Vaughan

Quandomania is not just a club/team.  It is a way of life.  Our son has developed volleyball skills while learning to be a team member and leader.  Throughout his two years on the Quandomania team and four years of beach training, he learned to play most positions.  This ultimately proved beneficial, as he started his freshman year as a libero, sophomore year as an outside hitter, junior year as a libero and outside hitter, and his senior year he was outside hitter as well as one of the three team captains.  He is also a two-time All American, was the Sigma Nu Athlete of the Year, Stevens Male Athlete of the Year, and the National Volleyball League Rookie of the Year.  Quandomania has been key to his success.  The coaching staff has a positive attitude and goes as far as encouraging stretching/yoga workouts as well as cardio and lifting.

As a two time NCAA All American, our son received the basic skills to give him the confidence to succeed on a collegiate level.  Even though his high school did not offer boys volleyball Quandomania gave him the ability to excel in indoor and beach play.  The workouts and clinics Quandomania offered turned him into an all around player who has even become the National Volleyball League 2016 Rookie of the Year.

Rick and Dawn Pottieger

My son has been involved with Quandomania for over 6 years as a player and a coach.  As parents, we have watched our son grow as a volleyball player from the high school to college level, as well as on the beach.  The training that he has received has been first class, he has made great friends and his love of the sport will last a life time.  Growing as a player has just been a part of it, Quandomania has been a part of “the making of the man” that he is today, learning that hard work and discipline pay off with growth and success.